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Classic Cocktails from Local Ingredients

The cocktail has been part of the American story for nearly 200 years. But as with most things cultural, times change, preferences shift and tastes can sometimes take awkward turns. Sable Kitchen & Bar however, would like to assure you that the classic cocktail - that perfect marriage of liquor mixed with a hand-picked selection of juices and garnishes - is at the heart of what we do.

Let us begin by offering a liquid lineup that seeks a natural harmony between spirits, wine and cuisine - truly the essence of the concept that is Sable. Cocktails are made from juices, fruit purees and ingredients grown and gathered from local producers. Our Beer Program focuses on craft beers from the best brewmasters in the country. And Sherries, Ports and Vermouths continue to play starring and critical supporting roles.

The Business Behind the Bar

Our bartenders command a 40-foot bar, one of the largest in Chicago. Mixing stations are punctuated by radiant quartz light boxes that cast a spiritual glow upon your favorite alchemist, while laser-cut backlights spell out the words that make up the chemical composition of the various cocktails being prepared. It's every bit theater and intrigue.

Of particular note: Sable houses one of the region's largest selections of amber spirits. Head Bartender Mike Ryan assembled a stable of award-winning spirits that are distinct, approachable (both in price and flavor), and simply interesting.

Sable's Prestigious Wine List

Finally, we hope you enjoy Sable's wine list, featuring roughly 74 wines offered by the bottle and by the glass. In fact, 16 by the glass offerings give guests the opportunity to mix it up and try different varietals without having to commit to a full bottle.

Welcome to Sable Kitchen & Bar, where the story of the American cocktail is told grandly and with fond reverence daily.