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Sable Kitchen & Bar: Cocktails 101

Take a seat, and make yourself at home. We have spent many an hour shaking and testing cocktail recipes for your enjoyment. Ask for recommendations and to help guide your experience. Try new things, even the ones that may scare you a little, you will find yourself pleasantly surprised.

We take pride in using freshly squeezed juices, and working locally and sustainably whenever possible. We make our own syrups, infusions, tinctures and bitters. Our Cocktails are stirred or shaken to a chill using only the best ice from Kold-Draft.

Our Specialty Cocktails & Spirits

We have put together a world class selection of spirits that we are very proud of and would love to have you experience. You can literally taste your way around the world.

We have put the same love and care into our beer selections. We offer local and craft beers as well as some tasty and rare imports.

So relax, clear your mind, and enjoy our bar.