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December's Whisky Wednesdays

Learn to savor the many dimensions of this special spirit with one of Sable’s whisky flights during the month of December. We spotlight the four major regions of Islay, allowing you to taste through the distinct flavors of the South, East, West and Center. Enjoy the flight Sunday-Thursday, with special pricing of $30 on Wednesdays. The December Journey

A true American treasure, preserving ham from the slaughter to times of lean means ensured our ancestors’ survival. Our samplings (to be enjoyed with our selected whiskys) are crafted by fine producers, continuing this tradition. Each selection has been carefully chosen by our Chef Shane Graybeal to compliment and highlight this month’s offerings of our whisky flight.

COUNTRY HAMS (1oz ea.)
$5 for one selection, $12 for the trio

  • A.B. Vannoy, aged 9 months, West Jefferson, NC
    • Cured with salt, brown sugar and mountain air. Sweet and savory.
  • Broadbent, aged 6 to 9 months, Kuttawa, KY
    • Hickory smoked with salt, sugar and honey. Sweet, savory and smokey.
  • Benton’s, aged 10 months, Madisonville, TN
    • Smoked and cured with salt, brown sugar and chilis. Smokey with a hint of sweetness and a hint of spice to finish.

Each selection served with pickled vegetables and spiced mustard.